Our Services


Linmeko develop and deliver expertise for world-leading companies. Our customers are found in many sectors and we are active throughout the product development chain.

Vision and Mission
It always starts with one thing – the right people. Linmeko has experience in a variety of disciplines. Thanks to our extensive knowledge, we can manage projects, large and small, from concept to design, verification and validation, and any CE certification.

Project management
We help you to develop all the necessary resources for your project – from personnel to equipment, facilities, etc. With  human resources in focus.

Product development
You have an idea – we help you to translate your vision from concept to reality in terms of both production and marketing. Through us you get access to omafattande networks with different specialisms.

Construction of mechanical solutions are the basis for Linmekos business. Resources are also in the design and customization of products for different environments.

For larger projects, often a procurement process – we help you to procure the goods and services at the right quality and at the best cost through tendering procedures, selection and purchase of necessary equipment.